You can climb on the table, if you want

It turns out that I get to spend next week in South Africa.  Which sounds wonderful, as its right in their “summer”, and its right in out “winter” here in the UK.  Unfortunately, in practice, I’m approaching this with very mixed feelings indeed.

The last time I was in South Africa was about 7 years ago, and it was breath-taking in its beauty. It was also the scariest place I have ever visited. The levels of crime (particularly violent crime) were way beyond anything I’d ever experienced before.  Gunfire on the streets was not something I could become comfortable with.  The information I’m being given at the moment seems to indicate that the situation hasn’t changed much in the intervening years …

The travel is also a pain in the rear, as it involves 12 hours in economy, overnight.  Both there and back.  Most of the other presenters are from the US, and are flying business class. Needless to say, the criteria for US employee travel and the criteria for UK employee travel are not the same.  😦

Still, on the upside, its looking like I’ll have a half day of free time in Cape Town, so I can’t complain too much – its looking like I will (finally) make it to the top of Table Mountain.

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