Health check

Since my last post about my treatment for hypertension I’ve been through another round of progress checks.

The week before Easter I had another blood test, and an appointment with the doctor to discuss the results, and see how my BP was doing. I took my wife with me again, but this time she stayed outside while I had the blood drawn. This nurse was excellent, so much so that I barely noticed as she drew the blood. I came out feeling a million dollars, having managed to not even feel slightly queasy. At last, it looked like I was over the problems with the blood and needles.

The doctors appointment was good news too; my BP has dropped to around 140/70, which is much better, with no signs of any adverse reaction in my liver or kidneys. However, it turns out that this is not good enough, so my doctor has doubled the dose of the ACE inhibitors, which ought to bring my BP down even lower. The only issue seems to be that on the original dose I wasn’t experiencing any side effects from the ACE inhibitors. Now (unfortunately) I’m back into the problems of dealing with a raft of side-effects again. I’m starting to appreciate why there are people who choose not to take the medication, and put up with the risks of having high BP instead.

And this week I had my next blood test, in readiness for my next meeting with my doctor. After my last success I decided to go on my own, rather that waste my wifes time. Which was BIG mistake. Massive. I got there, handed over my forms, and was ushered straight through to the nurses. They drew the blood, and the last thing I remember after that was that the room seemed to be overly hot. Then I found the world going very bright and sparkly, and then I remember nothing more until I came around (horizontally) on one of the treatment chairs. “Oooops”. Still, the nurses were very kind about it, and kept telling me how commonplace it is for people to faint at the sight of blood or needles. Which was nice of them, but didn’t make me feel any better about it.

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