All change …

Due to poor support for my laptop hardware, I’ve been lagging behind the times recently, and I’ve not moved forward from Ubuntu 7.10 since I installed it about a year ago. And that’s despite the arrival of 8.04 which was supposed to be the long term support version, with lots of stability updates.

So imagine my surprise last week, to discover that when I tried a trial fresh install of Ubuntu 8.10 (which is all about new function, not stability), almost every issue I had on 7.10 had been fixed.

So, I now have hardware accelerated graphics on my Mobile FireGL chipset (and hence Compiz support), the ability to switch the external VGA output on (so I can actually present from this laptop under Linux!) and working suspend (and resume afterwards). And the icing on the cake is that my wireless works properly in our corporate environment, for the first time ever. So as of now, I’ve switched over to Ubuntu 8.10 as my main OS, and I’m upgrading to the latest versions of all my applications as we speak.

Which brings me to this post, which I’m currently making through a new tool, called gnome-blog. It’s a pared down to the minimum, extremely simple to use, and completely integrated into the Gnome panel blogging applet, that’s never more than a click away.

Hopefully it may get me posting a little more often.

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