Lightning strikes twice

Yesterday I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. No news on how bad it is yet; they’re growing cultures from the biopsies now, and I’m booked for a full body CT & a lower body MRI on Tuesday next week. That will tell us if its already out and spreading, and how bad the base tumor is respectively. Prognosis varies wildly depending on the current state of the tumor, but the only treatment is (fairly major) surgery along with optional supporting chemotherapy and radio therapy. Realistically I’ve a fortnight of waiting while they gather information and build my treatment plan, but at that point things should shift into overdrive. Its likely I’ll be in surgery within 30 days, and recovery from that will take 3 months or more.

We’re not even over my wifes brush with breast cancer yet. Sometimes life is a bitch. But the alternatives are not acceptable. We beat this thing once; we can and will beat it again.

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