“To sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub”

Today was my anaesthetic assessment. This is where the anaesthetist checks out me and my medical history, and determines whether I’m fit enough to handle the anaesthetic, and more importantly whether or not I’ll wake up again afterwards. I’d been secretly rather worried about this (the assessment, not the waking up afterwards), as I’m more than a little overweight, and was concerned that that might adversely affect my ability to cope with the anaesthetic.

It turns out that in practice this is all a matter of degrees. I may well be overweight, but in comparison to many of the people that have to go through operations, I’m still on the lighter end of the scale. Which surprised me. In the end, I came through the assessment just fine, and was ASA 1-rated (ie best category possible) right up to the point where I remembered that my mother had experienced a pulmonary embolism a year or so ago. Which immediately cost me an ASA grade, and gained me a free pass to the ECG suite.

The ECG machine in the hospital was a whole lot more sophisticated than the one I’d been hooked up to by my GP. Lots more contacts for starters. And a lot faster in operation too, producing an incredibly detailed plot, with all sorts of extra information about voltage levels and waveform shapes. The pads they use are a lot stickier too … *wince*

Apart from an elevated heart rate (I’d taken the stairs rather than the lift) I passed the ECG with flying colours. So as before, it’s nice to know that electrically speaking my heart is still in tip-top condition, and certainly no cause for concern as far as the anaesthetist is concerned.

Unfortunately, the cold that I’ve had for the last few days was a completely different matter, as there were signs of infection in my lungs. Nothing major, just the usual stuff you get with a nasty cold. But enough to get my operation cancelled if I don’t get the infection cleared up quickly, because (tah-dah!) I have a provisional date of the 20th of March for my surgery.

So, a quick side-trip to my GPs surgery on the way home from the hospital has me prescribed with a weeks course of antibiotics. Because none of us wants me to miss that surgical slot.

One thought on ““To sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub”

  1. Got your email today and decided to take a look at the blog. I’ll bookmark it and follow your progress,

    good luck and best wishes to you and your family


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