Smaller is better – reprise

Having been using the Aspire One as my main work machine for about 2 months now, I’m pretty sure I’m going to continue with it for at least the time being. It’s simply a much better fit with the kind of work that I generally need to do. Now, if IBM were to offer me one of those rather nice X300’s … well, that might be a different matter.

Back in the real world however, I’m currently transporting my diminutive little netbook around in a massive backpack. The backpack actually weighs more than the netbook. So it’s time to shrink the luggage to match the contents, and I’ve been looking for the smallest “laptop” bag that I can just fit all my everyday “stuff” into. In general I carry the following things around:

  • the aspire one (obviously)
  • a bluetooth mouse
  • the power supply
  • a mains cable
  • an ethernet cable
  • a kensington lock
  • a couple of pens
  • an A5 notebook
  • my cell phone & its wired headset
  • a couple of USB memory keys
  • my car/house keys

At the moment I’ve found three candidate bags:

At the moment the ultimate addons shoulder bag is the prime candidate, though it looks like it could be tight squeezing everything into it. However, at £20 with a 30 day return policy, I think it’s definitely worth a try. A colleague has also pointed me at this ingenious (if rather expensive) collapsible mains plug, which will definitely help with packing the ungainly UK mains plug into it. The only problem is, it has the wrong sort of IEC connector, so I may need to modify it somehow. I’ve dropped the manufacturer an email to see if they either do an alternative with the right sort of connector, or if its simple to replace the cord with another.

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