Reality strikes home

I realised that this weekend was one of only two left before I go into surgery. I really don’t know how much I am going to be capable of doing after that, but I suspect that anything that involves ladders & DIY is probably off the agenda for a while. With that in mind, I made a list of the simple stuff that I won’t be able to do in a fortnights time, that either needs doing, or is overdue.

And so I spent a couple of hours hanging a selection of pictures on the walls. They’ve been waiting to go up for about 5 months, and somehow I just never got around to them. Shame on me.

I also wired up our third smoke alarm – this one in the lounge. Rather than battery operated alarms, I bought ones that are mains powered with battery backups, and have wired them into the lighting circuits around the house. No flat batteries to worry about, and even in the event of a power failure the alarms should protect us for a few months on their battery backup. Not that we actually have power outages that last that long…

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