Man bag

The Ultimate Addons bag arrived today, and it really is small. Very small. There is barely room for the Aspire One and a few odds and ends. There isn’t really room for all the stuff that I normally carry everywhere, but it’s close enough that with a little more rationalisation, I think it will be just fine.

Being so small, it doesn’t look like a laptop bag which is good; there’s less chance of it being stolen, or me being mugged for it. However, it does look rather like a “man bag”; I haven’t decided whether that is good, bad or indifferent yet, but it’s certainly not a look that I’m used to!

In terms of packing, the things that are proving hardest to fit into it are the power supply/mains cord, and the ethernet/security cables. However, I don’t see any easy way to avoid carrying them. I suspect that coiling the cables in larger loops may help a little, though sadly the slimplug that I mentioned in a previous post doesn’t seem to exist any more, so I’m stuck with fitting the large UK plug in there too.

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