Dates – revisited

After discovering the mismatch between my radiotherapy dates and my hospital admission, I spent some time on the phone today sorting it out. My last radiotherapy session has now been moved forward to first thing on Thursday morning, and then I’ll be admitted to the surgical unit (at the other hospital site) later that morning once I can get there. Apparently I get to undergo “bowel preparation” for the rest of Thursday, before staying overnight in hospital and going into surgery first thing on Friday. At the moment I’m the only person on the surgical list, which means we’ll be underway around 9am. Which is good, as there’ll be no time to get hungry, and very little time to get worried and nervous.

I’m expected to come out of theatre early in the afternoon, and after spending some time in recovery, will be taken to the surgical high-care ward, where I expect I’ll spend the first night or so. I then go onto a standard surgical ward before being discharged in due course.

And no, I don’t know what “bowel preparation” is, and suspect that it’s probably best left that way for as long as possible 🙂

2 thoughts on “Dates – revisited

    • Not as bad as you’d think actually. It did involve several calls, but all the people in the NHS have a clear goal in mind – making people well, so they’re individually all happy to be as flexible as possible to achieve that end. Once I’d pointed the problem out, it got fixed pretty quickly.

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