Wireless broadband internet

As I’ve already mentioned, I’m hoping to be able to take my Aspire One into hospital with me. Assuming that I’m well enough, then from my perspective, it will be the ideal distraction from boredom. I’ve got 20GB of music on it, and I’ve just been given another 10GB of plays and drama etc that have been recorded from the radio. I’ve even got a digital TV/radio tuner, which ought to let me watch a bit of live TV if I want.

However, what would be really cool would be to be able to continue updating this blog from my hospital bed. And its now looking like that might be possible, as I’ve just been loaned a Vodafone USB 3G modem for the time that I’m going to be in hospital – thanks Andy!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with the custom kernel that I’m currently running to help improve the performance of the One. So it looks like I will need to spend some time tweaking the configuration of my custom kernel again. In addition, when I switched back to the “normal” kernel, the modem still doesn’t work, failing this time at the request for the SIM pin.

So, I guess I need to resolve the kernel compilation, and find out either what the pin code is for the SIM card, or what I’m doing wrong… 🙂

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