Champing at the bit …

This week has been a bit frenetic so far, which probably explains the lack of any posts here from me. Sorry about that.

On Monday I had my second radiotherapy session, which followed the same process as the first one, to the letter. The short course treatment that I am following seems (so far) to be very easy on the patient. I’ve had no side-effects to speak of, and it takes only about 10-15 minutes to administer. Of course, that doesn’t include getting to the hospital, parking, time spent in the waiting room, or the trip home again. With the unpredictability of the traffic around Portsmouth I need to allow 45 minutes to get there, and often the same to get home. Which means that its normally a couple of hours to get each treatment, and as they’re often scheduled in the middle of the afternoon or morning, it tends to quickly eat up large chunks of the day.

Tuesday was more of the same, but with an appointment at the “other” hospital to talk to the stoma specialist nurses, so if I do need a colostomy, I’ll know what I need to do to look after it. Except it turns out that Portsmouth don’t do colostomies … only ileostomies. In the grand scheme of things, this makes very little difference at the 25,000 foot level, though there are some detailed differences. As expected, having to live with one will be a fairly large adjustment, but one that I suspect most people could make fairly easily. Though I did note that many of my favourite foods are not terribly compatible with an ileostomy. Hmmmm.

And today was my fourth radiotherapy session, followed by my pre-clerking session at the “other” hospital. This is another battery of tests to make sure that I’m OK to go into surgery, and an opportunity for me to clarify what is going to happen to me over the next few days, and ask any questions that I might have. Oh yes, and they took quite a lot of blood too… so in my case it was another opportunity to go faintly green and have to lie down for a few minutes. You’d honestly think that by now I’d be getting over my phobia of blood and needles – but no, apparently not!

And so we come to a temporary close. Because tomorrow I get my last radiotherapy session, and then get admitted into hospital at lunchtime. Through the afternoon and evening I (or rather my bowels) will be prepared for surgery. Then Friday morning I will go into surgery. I should be out (and awake) again sometime early in afternoon, and will be moved into the surgical high care ward, where I’ll stay for a day or two, before moving into the normal surgical ward until I’m ready to go home. My wife will bring my laptop in when I’m moved back to the normal surgical ward, so I’ll hopefully post an update then, but in the meantime, wish me luck 🙂


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