Now hopefully cancer free

Went into surgery on Friday morning. Was put under at 9am. Operation lasted 7 hours – significantly longer than expected. As expected, the surgery was “open”. I don’t remember much about Friday beyond my wife telling me that it went well, and that I have a temporary ileostomy.

Have spent the last 44 hours in the high care unit, and am now just about able to use the Aspire. Hard to believe how exhausted I am. I can barely get out of bed, even with assistance.

My consultant tells me that the operation went very well, and that he got a good margin around the tumour. Now just a matter of waiting for the pathology results on the tumour and surrounding tissues to know if I will also need chemotherapy. Apart from a couple of little set backs, which are not unusual in someone in my situation, the nursing staff tell me I am making excellent progress. They are talking about moving me to a normal ward soon, though I will be surprised if that happens today.

Thanks for all the good wishes. Look forward to seeing you all soon.


11 thoughts on “Now hopefully cancer free

  1. Richard, greetings from Austin Texas, you won’t be able to see from your hospital room, but I’m jumping up and down with joy!!

    So, you coming over to do the Armstrong Livestrong ride or run in OctoberN its for a good cause πŸ˜‰

    • What a marvellous vision!

      I love the idea of the ride… but practically I suspect this years event is going to be well beyond me, especially if I plan to have my ileostomy reversal later this year. However, this whole episode has prompted me to think more about my health, so I’m planning to lose 15-20kgs, and start building up my fitness through more cardiovascular exercise. Biking certainly figures in that, but probably not running (I’ve never been able to get past about 5 miles)

      So, you never know … maybe something in 2010?

    • Delighted to have visitors from now onwards. Best to call me on my mobile and arrange a date/time though, as we’re strictly limited on the timing and numbers of visitors, and the family have pre-booked lots of slots πŸ™‚

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