Two steps forward again…

And today I woke up at 4am, feeling refreshed, but still with a pretty swollen abdomen. After 30 minutes lying in the dark, I decided to get up and see if the nurses were at the nursing station down the corridor.

Getting out of bed was even easier, and unplugging all the electrical equipment (that goes “ping”!) from their chargers and collecting together all my tubes is becoming second-nature. I don’t think I need worry that I may start to actually miss some of this stuff though – it’s a pain to be so encumbered.

And then I noticed that my stoma seems to have been working overnight. Not much affect on the swelling, but definitely working. So perhaps these are unrelated? Maybe the swelling is just standard post-operative swelling etc? Apparently today I will get a major checkup from my surgeon, so that might reveal a few answers. To celebrate I had a couple of cups of tea with the nurses at 5am. Celebrate your successes while you can, I say.

In the meantime, apparently they are considering removing my naso-gastric tube, my epidural, my catheter, and my main line (cannular) later today. At a stroke today I could be reduced to a single wound drain. Which would be nice, even though a couple of those removals are like to involve some eye-watering moments 🙂


5 thoughts on “Two steps forward again…

  1. Hi Rick,

    Only checked in to the blog again today so seem to have missed all the action :-[

    Glad to hear that by and large it all seems to have gone well and it does sound as if you are making good progress.

    Best wishes from Susie and me (and Alfie too).

    Get well soon,


  2. PS: Aah! The machines that go ‘ping’ are the hospital administrator’s favourite. You see, they lease them back from the company they sold it to, and that way, it comes under the monthly current budget and not the capital account.

  3. Hi Richard,
    glad to see the op went well and recovery is progressing.

    Don’t let the powers that be see your blog, the way things are it will give them ideas that folk can carry on working from a hospital bed!

    • Too late … lots of them know about this blog; though I don’t know if any of them read it or not.

      I love the vision your comment conjures up though – a delegation of IBM HR execs clustered around some poor chaps sick-bed with lots of drips and monitoring machines (that go “ping”!) in the background, with one of them saying “But think of the savings in real estate costs!”

      Very “Dilbertesque”…

      • or alternatively, I can see them looking for ways to put more people into hospital, this achieves a higher number of bed nights, which means bigger discount on the medical plan, and of course as you say, reduced real estate costs, but also would go a long way to reducing their carbon footprint by eliminating driving by employees.

        One thing I would definitely push back on though, definitely no video calls from your hospital bed. No matter what anyone tells you, you don’t look manly in the gown ;-0

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