Yesterdays news

Monday was another eventful day.

To start with, I was able to get out of bed with minimal assistance, which I personally consider a real milestone.

Perhaps partly as a consequence of that I was also declared to be well enough to no longer require “high care”, and hence able to move to a normal hospital ward, and indeed was transferred to the standard care unit around lunchtime.

My wife and eldest daughter visited me that afternoon, and despite my appearance, my daughter didn’t appear too discomfited by the experience – fortunate, since she currently hopes to have a career in medicine 🙂

My parents called by for a couple of hours, and were understandably happy to see me, and that I was making good progress with my recovery. While they were there, the physiotherapist visited, and took me (and my machines and tubes and bags) for another circuit around the ward, and declared himself happy with my progress; so much so that he doesn’t intend to give me any specific assistance, provided that I meet the discharge criteria. So good news there.

However, in the late afternoon I noticed that I was getting a lot of abdominal swelling, and despite the use of the tube into my stomach, this didn’t improve much. The tail-end of the dayshift was manic, and the time just kept on passing, with no resolution happening. My stress levels went up, and up, and up. Eventually the night shift came on, who had all previously cared for me in the “high care” unit, and I was seen first by the house doctors, who ordered a couple of X-rays.

A couple of good friends then arrived towards the end of visiting hours to pay me a surprise visit, which was lovely – they helped take my mind off what was going on around me, which helped enormously – thanks guys, it was great to see you both!

I then got taken down to the X-ray department in a wheelchair, and laid out under a very new, very high-tech X-ray machine. Add another bit of medical technology to my list of experiences. Unfortunately the results weren’t conclusive, so the house doctors then called in the on-call consultant, who decided I was OK for the night, but should have another CT scan tomorrow (Tuesday). So in the end I went to sleep feeling apprehensive, but reassured that things were at least happening.


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