Looking more normal at last

Today started well; I woke up around 5am and felt really refreshed, and feeling unencumbered by so many drips and lines, decided that starting the day with a good wash and brush up, and a new gown (I’m still not in my own PJ’s yet) would be ideal. And then I tried to actually get out of bed. Ow. Ow. Ow!

Note to self: The pain relief tablets seem to only last about 6 hours.

Still, I did manage to get up, and to get my wash and brush up. But it was a lot slower and less comfortable than under the epidural. I suspect for the next couple of days I’m going to be operating slightly more slowly again. Which is fine – I have time on my side in this game.

I also decided to continue adding food to my diet, so had some porridge for breakfast, along with some cups of tea. Seemed to all go down fine with no signs of sickness that I’d been told to expect if my digestive tract was still too sleepy. So I’m taking that as a good sign.

My consultant came to see me at the end of breakfast, and tells me that I’m making good progress again. I can officially have the gastronasal tube removed today, so I push my luck and ask about the catheter; apparently that can come out tonight, provided we continue to accurately monitor fluid input/outputs. So good news; the two most awkward to live with tubes are coming out today; by the end of the day I should only have one permanently attached tube (a drain).

And so saying, the nurse actually removed the gastronasal tube immediately after my chat with the consultant. You’ll be glad to hear that removal is a lot less unpleasant than fitting.

The stoma nurse called after that, and I got to have my first go at changing my ilesotomy bag. Apparently I did very well, which is good – they won’t let me out before I’ve mastered that.

One problem at the moment though – I’m finding it hard to drink enough fluids … I really need to up the volume a lot, probably doubling it, which is proving hard. I really don’t feel that thirsty. But needs must when the devil drives 🙂

And with that, I’m going to take a short walk before lunch, and then get ready for my family to visit early this afternoon.


One thought on “Looking more normal at last

  1. Now I always reckon that the day goes downhill after you get out of bed !
    Sounds like all is progressing well, especially as you’re no longer wired quite as much any more…don’t suppose you’ll miss your “tenacles”.
    As for the need to drink more, just think of it as practice for the next techie night out 😉

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