More steps forward…

Things continued apace after my post yesterday; almost immediately after signing off I got taken down to the CT scanner for my scan. This involved a couple of really nice chaps from the portering service turning up and taking me, my bed, and all my drips and monitoring machines down to the basement, where we were comprehensively queue-jumped by the A&E department who were coping with multiple casualties from a traffic accident. However, this turned out to be a good thing, as it allowed time for my surgeon to find out what was going on, decide that the fears that had prompted the original decision to order the CT scan were misplaced, and get down to see me, and cancel the scan, saving me another dose of radiation.

So I got to ride back up in my bed again, with my machines and drips etc in tow. Still, it’s nice to get out and about šŸ™‚

My wife then arrived to visit – always wondeful – and while she was with me the nurses took out my epidural. Which forced me to be brave. I wonder if they timed it deliberately?

I then had my infusions cancelled, meaning I now have to drink for myself, and that I no longer need a permanent intravenous feed. So for most of the time, my tube count has now gone down by two, which is great, as it’s going to be much easier to not get tangled up while getting in and out of bed.

I then had to have my cannular swapped out to a new vein, as best practice is to not use the same cannular/vein for more than three days. Unfortunately the lady doing this had a real hard time finding another “good” vein, and in the end had to give me a break. Apparently my lips were going pale and she thought I was about to pass out. She was probably right. When she came back 5 minutes later she got one almost immediately, so we obviously both needed that break.

Unfortunately my naso-gastric tube had to stay in, as did my catheter. But I must admit that just being free of the infusions was a big step forward, allowing me to move around much more easily. So I decided to have some food for tea, and chose some soup and a custard. Which apart from the soup being rather salty, went down really well.

And finally the day was rounded off by a great selection of visits from friends, which is always nice.


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