Turn up the volume to number 11

Seems like I was getting on far too well, and needed a little challenge again. So with that in mind, my stoma has become “high output”, which means that it is basically working in overdrive, and sucking all the water out of my system, leaving insufficient for urine & proper hydration. I guess its the equivalent of a massive diahorrea attack for someone in my situation. For once, being in my situation (with the stoma) actually makes this a lot easier and infinitely less messy to deal with 🙂

However, I’ve been put on more drugs to counteract this, and told that I need to be even more vigilant about my hydration levels. Which is code for “you need to drink a lot more water, young man”.

It’s also pretty exhausting to cope with, so I’ve pretty much dozed my way through the day and evening, and expect to do the same tonight. Just hope I am well enough to see my family tomorrow, as my wife is bringing the kids in to see me now I’ve had the naso-gastric tube removed.


3 thoughts on “Turn up the volume to number 11

  1. the feeling dozy and sleeping through the day is probably perfectly normal and not directly related to this but the whole surgery and immediate recovery stress. After a few days of really using high adrenalin to get through things, the well has run dry and your body has effectively shut down to maintenance mode to recover. I went through similar for a week to 10-days after my serious accident, listen here for what I did next,http://www.redmonk.com/cote/2009/03/25/redmonkradio055/

    The same thing happens now, to a lesser degree, after long distance triathlon races, especially those that do Ironman races. No matter what they want, 2-3 days after the race their body shuts down and they just have to rest and don’t feel like traning.

  2. Richard, we missed you at Bletchley today. Will post some photos of the prize giving as soon as I can. All the best, Graham

    • Will look forward to it. My eldest daughter said that she had a really good time there, though she did say she got lost about 30 minutes into Marcus De Sautoy’s lecture – perhaps not unusual for a 12-year old 🙂

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