Its a wonderful life

One of the last things I did yesterday was wave goodbye to a couple of the people on the ward who were being discharged. It’s always nice to see people leave, as you know they’re all looking forward to getting to their homes just as much as you are to yours. They’re just a bit further ahead of you in the queue. In this case however, it freed up the bed by the window. And I know it’s wrong, but I wanted that bed. I wanted to be able to lie in bed and see outside the ward. I wanted to be able to have the window open, and smell the fresh air outside. I wanted to be away from the noisy main corridor that runs past the ward.

So I pleaded to move beds. And the nice nurses dutifully moved all the beds and bedside tables around so I could have my bed beside the window.

Then this morning, I woke late; or rather I was woken up from a deep sleep by the nurses wanting to do my observations. Perhaps this was due to the change of the clocks, or my body deciding more sleep would help it heal, but whatever the reason, I found myself woken to a wonderful view out of the window.

A pure azure-blue sky, with scarcely a cloud visible, and bright clear sun streaming into the ward, pooling across the bed. Outside I could hear the sounds of the builders working on the hospital, and smell the fresh morning air. By closing my eyes I could easily imagine I was waking up in a villa somewhere on the Mediterranean coast.

So thanks for moving my bed last night ladies – it was all worth it just for those few wonderful seconds this morning!

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