Latest progress

I saw my consultant again yesterday, and had another examination. His view was that I’d had a bit of a rollercoaster recovery. My stomach is apparently “nice and soft”, which I think in this context is a good thing, even if a rather unflattering description. He was however very concerned at the time since I’d last been able to actually eat anything properly, and to that end, he wanted me to take another try at eating, while remaining on the IV fluids and minimal-fluids-by-mouth routine.

The threat behind this (from my perspective) was that if this didn’t start to produce some results then I would need to be fed intravenously. Which doesn’t sound too bad until you understand that this would require that they install a central line. As threats to a man who is needle-phobic go, they don’t get much more severe 🙂

So yesterday I made a pretty good attempt to eat anything that came within reach. I had some breakfast, I had some lunch (which I actually found myself enjoying) and some dinner (which I didn’t). And in-between I snacked like mad, working my way through 6 or 7 biscuits. Ok, so maybe it doesn’t sound like a lot, but see how much you can eat after nearly two weeks of not eating…

My wife came to visit in the afternoon, which was great. And shortly after she left, my parents called in to spend an hour or so with me, which was lovely.

I suspect that like a lot of sons, I have a fairly easy relationship with my mother, but my father and I find it hard to express our feelings. We know what our feelings are – it’s the saying them that’s difficult. So just for the record, thanks for always being there Dad – I love you lots.

And when I checked all the numbers on my medical charts this morning, the results so far appear quite promising. My stoma output is going down, though it still has some way to go, and I’ve had no sign of sickness or the hiccoughs that indicate problems with the ileostomy.

So maybe, just maybe, we’ve got this thing cracked.

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