Waiting for a sign

Today is 11 days since my operation (on the 20th), and also the day of the week that the colo-rectal surgical care team hold their regular multi-disciplinary diagnosis meeting.

I suspect that sufficient time has passed for the pathology labs to have done their work on the dissected tumour, and have reported their results back to my consultants. I believe that based on a combination of factors such as the number of lymph nodes and blood vessels that contain signs of pre-cancerous cells, the degree of malignancy of the original tumour, and some other factors, the consultants can then score the tumour and come to a decision on whether or not I will need subsequent chemotherapy treatment.

So hopefully when I see my consultant this afternoon I’d like to think I’m going to get some feedback on both my progress towards being discharged, and also on the likely need for chemotherapy.

Here’s hoping that it’s all positive news. Though it wouldn’t be the first time that things have taken longer than expected, which would probably mean another weeks wait for the chemotherapy result.

Update: No news yet on the pathology results. It’s going to be next week before I hear the results.

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