Latest status

Today’s meeting with the doctors in charge of my recovery has resulted in yet another change to my treatment. They’re basically happy with my overall progress, but think that the ileostomy output is taking too long to slow down, so they’re going to give it a little more help.

At the moment I’m being medicated with loperamide and codine, both of which are primarily to reduce to output of my stoma (though the codine also provides very effective pain-relief, which means I don’t need to take any other pain-relief medication). They’re going to add three-times daily injections of Octreotide to the mix. Having read some of the information about it on the web, I’m not sure how happy I am about this, as it seems to have a lot of side-effects. But then so do almost all medications, and I’m on a very low dose, under close supervision, and pretty confident in the abilities of the medical team here.

So I’ll go with it for now.

They’re also starting to chart my nutritional inputs, as they’re concerned that the stoma may be limiting the benefit that I’m getting from the food that I am eating. They’re going to put me on regular high-energy food supplement feeds, and I suspect a course of nutritional supplements (such as Sanatogen Gold) are lurking just around the corner too.

I have to say that I’m really frustrated by the speed of progress that I’m making at the moment; I’d really like to just get over this and get home where I can recuperate with my family around me đŸ˜¦


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