For the last couple of days I’ve noticed that I’ve been experiencing some discomfort while sitting down, standing up, or stretching. I’d assumed initially that this was simply that I’m now on a much lower dose of pain-killer than before. However, this morning the pain was much worse, which got me thinking.

And then I remembered that the staples used to close my wound were supposed to be removed after about 10 days. And I’m now at day 15, and still have them in place. Some careful experimentation revealed that the majority of the pain seemed to be centred on the lower part of my wound where the skin folds below the tummy, placing more stress on the staples supporting the wound.

A quick check by the nurses revealed that the staples were long overdue to be removed, and were actually now doing more harm than good, causing irritation but no longer actually supporting the healing of the wound. And 15 minutes later I was unstapled. Which was a surprisingly painless experience, apart from a couple of staples that were positioned rather awkwardly, making it difficult for the nurse to get her pliers to them.

And the result? No more pain. Though from what I can now see, I’m going to have a spectacularly large scar to show for all this 🙂

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