I saw my consultant again this morning, and it’s looking like I may, possibly, be allowed to go home on Tuesday.

As with all these things, it’s not a simple decision though, as it will depend on my coming off the octreotide injections, and maintaining an adequately low stoma output. If that doesn’t happen then there is a possibility of them teaching me how to give myself the injections, though I would imagine that that would require a little more time before my release. Alternatively they may decide to keep me in hospital a little longer to see if the stoma output continues to drop naturally to a point where I can then manage it myself at home.

As a first step in this process my octreotide injections have been cancelled from now onwards, and we’ll monitor what effect that has on me. Here’s hoping it’s minimal.

I was also given a strong hint that I’d be well advised to get off the codine as soon as possible too, as it’s both an addictive narcotic, and has sedative qualities that reduce your ability to operate machinery and drive. Since that’s also currently helping to keep my stoma output in check, I can see that I’ll have some interesting challenges ahead of me 🙂

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