Hit the road, Jack

Before leaving hospital I’d asked my consultant how long I needed to wait after the operation before I was able to drive again. His view was that there was no physical reason for me not to be able to drive immediately, provided that I felt confident controlling the car, able to perform an emergency stop if necessary, and didn’t over-exert myself. However, he did warn me that my insurance company would want to impose additional restrictions, and that their decision should be the ultimate arbitrator.

So I was completely astonished when I called my insurance company earlier today to learn that they are quite happy for me to drive without restriction now that I have been discharged from hospital. A short drive to the local shops and back revealed that I’ve no real issue with driving per se, but given how quickly I became tired while simply walking around a couple of shops to buy a birthday card and some other odds and ends, I think I’ll avoid driving any more than I absolutely have to, at least for the time being.

Still, having that option open to me is going to make getting to some of my post-discharge medical appointments a whole lot easier than if I was having to use public transport or be totally dependent on friends and family for lifts.

4 thoughts on “Hit the road, Jack

  1. Welcome back. Shall we sort out a raz around in Nitro powered cars shouting Hooyaaa in the next few weeks? 🙂
    Glad you are back home with the family. That makes all the difference.
    Catch you soon 🙂

    • I think a quiet meeting somewhere is more my speed at the moment! Will look forward to doing that sometime soon 🙂

    • No problem – will be thinking of you. But if things go well and I can hit the road on my bike early enough then I’ve not forgotten your offer re the Armstrong Livestrong ride. If that comes to pass than I’m sure we can arrange a slightly more noisy meeting then 😉

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