Time on my hands

Apart from a visit from the District Nurse, there’s been little to report over the last couple of days. I’m managing my fluids carefully, and taking my medicines religiously. Output from my stoma appears to be very slowly reducing. But basically it’s all been about resting and recuperating.

The visit from the District Nurse was interesting mostly for how little she had to say to me, despite having been through exactly the same operation herself. In many ways I found her attitude rather annoying, as she was surprisingly negative – not something that I expected or needed. Perhaps I’m being uncharitable, but I found myself feeling relieved when she had left.

What is becoming clear to me is that despite my apparently endless need for more sleep, I do still have a lot of time on my hands, but very little energy available to actually fill it with anything productive. Consequently I’m making a list of things that I can pick up and put down as required, that don’t require stamina/physical strength, but that I’ve been put off doing for lack of time in the past. I figure I’ll start off with tidying up my study so I can actually see the surface of my desk again, and then rebuild my home server, updating the hardware and software to improve its resilience, before installing and teaching myself Asterisk, so I can implement a home PBX.

That ought to eat up a week or two πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Time on my hands

  1. Have to agree about your opinion on District Nurses et al. Cheryl’s experience is that there is a mindset of us and them with some parts of the medical profession. Doctors and consultants tend to be OK and can talk to you as humans (in their own way), but there is a level down such as district nurses, incontenance specialists, etc etc where they tend to treat the patient as if they cannot think for themselves. Several times its been very frustrating as they don’t want to listen to facts or symptoms put before them, they only work from their own experience. A few times when she has rung up to make appointments, she as initially been mistaken for another health care profession. The conversation can be very productive until they realise its the patient they are talking to. Then its back to normal.

    For the knowledgable patient its frustrating, but I guess a lot of patients don’t know what they are talking about.

    Glad to see you are getting better

    • I’m sure that there are good and bad, as in all professions. And I’ve no doubt that this particular lady felt she was doing the best for me by not painting a “falsely positive picture”. However, what she was saying wasn’t based on specific knowledge of my actual situation, merely the worst possible scenario. I may not be the worlds greatest optimist, but I’m certainly not that much of a pessimist either.

      And you’re right about the knowledgeable patient thing. Like a lot of us would, I made a point of learning everything I could about my condition, the possible treatments, the actual treatment that was being given to me, and the problems that I was experiencing with that treatment. Having that knowledge allowed me to have useful conversations with the doctors, rather than simply listening passively as some of the patients did. But equally, I can imagine a ward full of well-informed patients wanting to discuss all the aspects of their treatment being a nightmare for the doctors, so like everything, there’s a balance required.

  2. Richard, glad to hear you are back home again. It would be great if you could write up your experiments with Asterisk, I would be really interested.

    You wrote about problems with your router. I had a lot of success with a Draytek Vigor 110 before moving to an O2 box. The Draytek is a pure ADSL modem with passthrough ethernet port and I used a separate router (airport extreme) to handle the connection and routing info. It was rock solid, and you could use it with a home server instead, but it may not be what you are looking for.


    Sorry I haven;t got any photos of Bletchley up yet, I have now been sent a link to them by the BCS press office, but am having trouble opening them for reasons I don’t quite understand.

    All the best, Graham

    • Yes, happy to pull some notes together on Asterisk as I go. It’s a beast of a product, covering a wide swathe of telephony-related areas, and it’s clear that I’m only going to be tickling the fringes of what it’s really capable of. However, I suspect just documenting the basics will be useful, as there seems to be surprisingly little information out there at the moment, and much of that is quite confusing.

      The router situation is interesting. My initial thought was that the “hacked” firmware I was using had a memory leak, which eventually (after 3 weeks) caused it to lock up. But I’ve been monitoring the free memory since then, and after 9 days it’s basically not changed at all, with around 4k of memory free. So I’m starting to think that it might have just been a “brown out” that crashed it. We’re susceptible to power problems here, and despite muttering about getting a couple of UPS’, I’ve yet to actually do so. So maybe “just one of those things”. The Draytek products are excellent though, and would certainly be on my shortlist of contenders if I do need to make a change πŸ™‚

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