Monday revisited

As predicted, Monday was a busy day and I managed to tick off some achievements, which felt really good. However, I seem to have been so busy (it’s all relative remember!) that I’ve not managed to post anything here for the last couple of days, so I thought I’d recap on what’s been going on.

I managed to successfully walk my youngest daughter to school on Monday morning; according to Google maps, it’s 0.9miles following the route I took, and to be brutally honest, that was pretty near to my limit for an uninterrupted walk. For once I was absolutely delighted every time my daughter stopped to look at an interesting leaf, pretty flower, unusual bird, etc, as each diversion gave me a few seconds to catch my breath! And then having got to school not only was was it great to catch up with some of the other parents in the playground, but that also gave me a good 10 minutes rest before I started walking back home. Interestingly, the journey home was much easier than the journey to the school, perhaps because I was setting a slower pace than my daughter, and perhaps because the outward walk had already loosened up my muscles and joints a little. However, by the time I’d got home I was completely exhausted, and ended up going back to sleep. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose … 🙂

The stoma-care nurse called in to see me later in the afternoon, and we went through the whole check-up game, making sure that I was managing OK. She was also very helpful in setting up what amounts to a “standing-order” prescription for all the supplies that I need (custom-fitted ileostomy bags, adhesives, adhesive removers, skin-protector wipes etc) that will then be automatically delivered by courier over the next few months until I can get the ileostomy reversed.

And finally I drove down to Portsmouth and went back into hospital to visit one of the other patients who is still recovering from his treatments, who I’ve struck up a good friendship with. I took some beers in (to my surprise, the hospital don’t ban alcohol), and we ordered takeaway pizza from the local Dominos, which turned up at the front entrance in only about 10 minutes. Which made for a much more palatable evening meal than what would have been provided by the hospital!

It was very noticeable that having not seen him for some 10 days or so, he was looking much better. He’d put on some weight and built up some muscle tone, had much better colour, and generally looked much more healthy. He was also much more mobile and able to move more freely without assistance, which shows that he too is making good progress towards the day when the consultants will be able to send him home.

Sadly however, another patient that I recognised from my time in hospital had been readmitted yet again. He seems to be really struggling to get out and stay out of hospital. His first return was brought on by dehydration, but this time it transpires that he’s got a series of blood clots which have migrated to his lungs, so he’s now on a series of blood-thinning medication and close observation to ensure that the clots dissipate. Fingers crossed that the hospital can get him stable and back home again soon, and that (selfishly) I don’t run into such a series of problems.

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