Bad day

For the last few days I’ve been trying to reduce the amount of codine that I’m taking, cutting the dose from four tablets a day to only three, missing out the “lunchtime” tablet to give me a more alert afternoon. And that seems to have been working quite well, with me feeling more alert, but with no significant effect on my output.

But yesterday I managed to forget to take a complete set of tablets (ie, the leperomide and the codine) at “teatime” in addition to my planned codine reduction. The result was immediately noticeable, and as a consequence of that I’ve had a pretty rough time through last night and all of today. One of the side-effects has been that I’ve slept even more than I normally do (I’ve barely been awake!), so I’ve ended up taking my medicines at “unusual” times, which probably hasn’t helped me get the situation under control as quickly as I should have.

A check of my fluid chart showed that I was probably behind the curve both yesterday and today, which may help account for at least part of the reason why I’ve been feeling so ill, so I’ve had a concerted effort to drink as much water as possible, and that (and the medicines) seem to finally be helping me get back on top of the situation.

I can see I’m going to need to invest in some sort of simple “pill alarm” and something that I can carry a single dose of all my tablets in, that is small and light enough that I can carry everywhere, so I don’t ever repeat this exercise. Because it’s definitely not been fun.


3 thoughts on “Bad day

  1. I must admit, although not in your category of importance, I know when I’m having a bad hydration day too.

    It usuals starts with sleeping too long and then rushing when I get up and not drinking enough water at the start of the day. Once in deficit its hard to catch up. Despite the fact “you” often need to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning, and often after I’ve been up at night, that isn’t an indication of being well hydrated. I try now to always have a full glass of water at the bedside and drink it all within 10-mins of getting up.

    I guess the time will come when I need to take regular pills, not yet though. On the Blackberry we agree, I have a Bold, and its completely hopeless. When I have it in the cradle in the car, I can make reasonable conference calls, but the data service is suspended, even though I’m on AT&T Edge network. The camera is fuzzy at best, the folders where MP3’s have to be stored isn’t compatible with Windows Media Player, the playlists are not compatible with anything I can find, and for some reason my camera pictures are stored as nnnnn.jpg.rem – which means no direct web browser uploads, theres no filemanager and on and on – then Dell have blocked installing any apps either download or from local storage… gigantic sigh…

    Keep up the positive attitude, and if possible stay off anything that has any artificial sweetners…

    • I suspect that regular pill-taking isn’t normally too bad, but some of the ones that I’m taking make me very sleepy and definitely affect my concentration – which means I become very forgetful. I have tick-charts for the pills I’ve taken to make sure I don’t double-dose or miss anything – something I’d never normally even need to think twice about. But the game here is to adapt to my circumstances, get through this thing, and back to normal again. If I need lists, reminders and alarms, then so be it.

      And I agree with your comment about a positive attitude. I’m absolutely convinced that maintaining a positive outlook will help me to get through this. You only have to see the positive affect of placebos to be convinced that it provides a genuine benefit.

      As for phones, I’m wondering about some of the Android phones that seem to be sneaking onto the market. The new LG7100 Samsung i7500 (see what I mean about concentration?) looks very interesting, but I don’t yet know enough about Android to know how well it would meet my needs. A subject for some “back-burner” research I suspect.

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