It ended up taking most of Friday to finally get back to my prior state of equilibrium. As I mentioned, I had a quick look into pill reminder systems, but most of them seem to be rather expensive and much larger (more bulky) than expected which meant that I’d probably end up not carrying them around with me. So nice idea, but probably not very practical for me. I need something less intrusive that I will carry with me all the time.

And so, in the true spirit of innovative DIY, I sat down and worked out what I need. Which is a reminder to take my tablets, and an emergency supply of tablets, in case I should happen to be out of the house at the time. So the answer (for me) is to program my Blackberry to ring a series of irritating alarms when I need to take my tablets (because like geeks the world over, I carry my cellphone wherever I go) and a small metal mint box that is just big enough to take 1 dose of my 3 main tablets, and yet easily small enough to carry in my pocket with my loose change. And so far, so good. I’m carrying them with me all the time, being reminded to take the tablets, and actually doing so.

The only problem is that I will now have to admit that I’ve actually found a use for the Blackberry, which I find in all other ways to be a simply dreadful product.


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