Side effects

Today is the fifth day of my first cycle of chemotherapy, and I can now see some of the initial side-effects are starting to wear down, if not off.

The pain in my arm where the IV was administered has now reduced to the point where it’s only really painful at the puncture site on the back of my hand. There is still some mild discomfort from further up the arm, but nothing really worth complaining about – unless I bash it!

The other side-effects are all present to some degree still, but they seem to come and go in severity depending on the phase of the moon, direction of the wind, etc. But the reduction in intensity of what were already pretty mild individual symptoms really helps a lot, even though a combination of several of them together can still be very wearing. The only one that individually causes me a lot of problems still is the hiccoughs, but fortunately even they seem to have faded into the background a little – to the point where I actually managed an uninterrupted nights sleep last night!

Of course, it’s hard to tell if this is going to last or not. Maybe it will all happen again at the start of the next cycle. Or tomorrow. But for now, I’m feeling better than I have for the last few days, and the sun is shining, so I’m going to take a book and enjoy sitting in a sunny spot in the garden for a while 🙂

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