Felt very ill today

The title says it all really.

I felt exhausted last night, so got to bed early and managed to sleep right through the night, but then woke up this morning feeling completely nauseous, with a storming headache too. In the end, apart from essential food/water/tablet taking, I’ve spent the day in bed. And I still feel terrible.

Typing this has however, forced me to think about it some more. And I suspect the reason is simple – the anti-emetics that I was given at the start of the cycle have probably all worn off. Embarrassingly, the hospital pharmacy even gave me some additional medicine for “topical relief” of nausea just as we were leaving hospital on Tuesday. And I’d quietly forgotten about them, even though this was probably the perfect time to try them out.

So I may have wasted what looks to have been a really beautiful sunny day, because I wasn’t thinking clearly enough. Still, it’s a learning experience – I’ll take some of these tablets (Metoclopramide) if I’m still not feeling well tomorrow, and then maybe I can do something nice with the kids to make up for today.


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