It’s a new day

I woke up about half an hour back, and after staring at the ceiling for a while, decided I may as well get out of bed.

So I’m currently sitting in my study in the pre-dawn (it’s 5:12am, and dawn isn’t officially until 5:34am) sipping some water and listening to the birds singing their little hearts out. It’s all very peaceful (anyone with any sense is still asleep, obviously!) but I suspect if I spend too long awake now, I’ll regret it later. So I’ll head back to bed once I’ve finished this glass.

But waking so early has given me some time for reflection, and I’ve realised that actually I’m not the one under the most stress here. I just have to take my medicines and focus on getting well. Whereas my wife has to keep the family going, maintain normalcy for our kids, worry about me, and help me through the dark moments when I’m not coping very well.

A much harder role.


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