Shredded spam

It’s been a few days since I posted about hardening my email server, and I thought I’d just mention that since then I have received exactly one spam email. Which is pretty good, given that they seemed to be mounting up at about a hundred a day before that.

Update: I just checked the logs, and as of 12th May, the number of spam emails that I’ve rejected per day since implementing this on the 3rd May:

Date Total blocked Spamhaus blocked
May 3rd 56 22
May 4th 49 23
May 5th 70 28
May 6th 88 34
May 7th 78 33
May 8th 63 29
May 9th 98 32
May 10th 50 32
May 11th 76 34

So less than I thought, but definitely more than I (or my family) want to receive and then deal with manually! Incidentally, the numbers I blocked by using the Spamhaus block lists proves to be about 50% of the total, making them a pretty useful resource.

However, I was somewhat surprised that that one had managed to get past my defences when all the others had failed, so I had a closer look at the email and the headers that describe it’s path through the internet, and on inspection it’s clearly one-man-and-a-dog based somewhere in Essex trying to phish details of Abbey National building society accounts, using what appears to be a normal email client. It’s definitely not your normal bulk spam emailing anyway.

I’m vaguely curious about how he got hold of my email address, but not enough to do anything much about it, so I’ve simply added him to a blacklist on the server, and he is now history too. As the A-Team used to say, “I love it when a plan comes together!”


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