Take more drugs, feel better

Just for the record, the Metaclopramide tablets didn’t initially provide much help in quelling the feelings of nausea etc that I was suffering from over the bank-holiday weekend. However, by persevering with them (ie, taking them three times a day, irrespective of how I feel) I now seem to be feeling much better.

Of course, it’s hard to know if that’s due to the medicine building up in my system and overcoming the nausea, or if it’s simply that I’m no longer feeling as nauseous. However, the previous feelings of illness were so unpleasant (akin to the worst of hang-overs but with no sign of a respite, and no sense of “at least I had fun getting like this”) that I’m just going to continue to add them to my daily cocktail of drugs, on the basis that it makes life work again.

Which after all, is what it’s all about.


4 thoughts on “Take more drugs, feel better

  1. Richard, I read your blog and I am constantly amazed by the fortitude of you and your family – best regards as ever

    • Tony, it’s the support and the best wishes of all our friends and colleagues that help to keep us going through the darker times. This fight would be so much harder without that!

  2. Just caught up with the latest news, and sorry the drugs make you feel ‘ick’. As you say, either you’re getting used to them or they are getting used to you! Just back from a very hot trip to Dubai (41 degrees) which would have soooo not suited you! Caught up with Jerry for an Ultravox concert at Portsmouth too – real blast from the past and I even stood up and bopped (sedately). Sounds as if you’re on the road to recovery – just remember to amble up that road, not run… When are you about this month for a visit from us? How about 15/16/17 or 22 May? love K & T

    • It was touching 50c when I was last in Dubai … the evenings were wonderful, but the middle of the day was searingly hot – it was like standing in the middle of the worlds biggest fan-oven. Fond memories of the gold and spice souks, even if it did prove how relatively poor my negotiation skills were back then!

      As for ambling up the road to recovery, I’ve always thought of myself as having been built for comfort, not speed, but even so this is something I’d like to make progress on 🙂

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