My surgery in pictures

No, don’t worry, I haven’t suddenly laid my hands on a series of snaps taken by my surgeon!

What I have found is an online edition of the “Atlas of Pelvic Surgery”, which describes in a series of line-drawings and text how to perform a “Low Anastomosis of Colon to Rectum Using the End-to-End Surgical Stapler Technique“. Which I believe is the surgery that I went through. It’s both safe for work, and unlikely to be a problem for even the most squeamish of readers. Note that the diagrams depict a female body, but for our purposes and level of interest, that shouldn’t matter.

I found the article fascinating, and it’s amazing how clever techniques and tools enable these surgeries to take place. Of course, the article makes it look simple (a bit like the average Haynes manual does with car mechanics I suppose!) but it’s obviously much harder, as it took a surgical wizard a good seven hours to perform it on me.


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