Changes in side-effects

So far this second cycle of chemotherapy seems to be following a fairly similar profile to my first cycle. The side-effects are largely similar, though I’ve noticed that they are subtly different in intensity. The pain in my arm where they ran in the IV is significantly reduced, probably as a result of the change in delivery mechanism. It also seems to be fading away much more rapidly. I suspect that I won’t have any discomfort at all by the end of the week, which is great, as it probably means I can discount needing to go to a central line. *phew*

However, my peripheral neuropathy is much worse. I struggle to get stuff out the fridge or freezer without suffering stabbing pains in my fingers and hands, and if I go outside (even in the current relatively mild weather) I am finding it helpful to wear gloves. Which looks rather silly, but at least it stops the pain.

The output on my ileostomy is also significantly up. Frustratingly this manifested itself in a rather sudden and catastrophic failure of my ileostomy bag last night, which was not a pleasant experience to say the least. Then between general insomnia and the need to frequently empty my (replacement!) bag I ended up getting almost no sleep last night, which is clearly not sustainable. I’ll see how things go today but I suspect I might need to temporarily put some codine back into my medication again to help control this, which having just got rid of it is frustrating to say the least.

In other news, I’ve noticed that I don’t seem to like coffee very much any more. I wake up really looking forward to my first cup of the day, but after that and once I’ve taken my first set of tablets with breakfast I just don’t seem able to drink any more. So, I figure if I can only have one cup a day I may as well make it memorable, so I’ve now got a small cafetiere and some rather expensive ground coffee to make myself a “real” coffee with breakfast. I’m not sure if it’s faff or a ceremony yet, but the coffee just tastes so much nicer than the instant stuff.

But other than those minor issues (and the need to take 13 tablets with breakfast again) I’m back into the swing of the drug-taking part of the cycle again 🙂


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