Half-term hiatus

This has been a slightly strange week. There have been a couple of real high points for me personally, but most of the time the days have flown by with me in a somewhat trance-like state, barely noticing what’s been going on around me. I do wonder at the thinking of people who make a conscious decision to take drugs that do this to you, and then call it recreation. I find the whole process extremely frustrating; the lack of control, the loss of concentration, and the lack of clarity of thought – it all makes me feel less like me.

But perhaps that’s the very result that some people are trying to achieve?

Still, the high-point of the week for me was that I had to go into the IBM offices at Hursley. Another patent disclosure that I’ve been working on for some time had finally reached the point where it was ready to be filed with the US Patent office, and this required that I sign some papers and FAX (how quaint!) them off to the lawyers in the USA. This felt like a real milestone for me, as it was the first time I’d been back into the office since mid-March.

In practice, the drive in was fine, signing the papers and getting them FAXed off took just under an hour, and while I was there I figured I’d go look up a few friends and just say “Hi!” to prove that I was really still alive. Of course, it was the week of the school half-term holidays, so many people were actually out on vacation, but I still managed to catch up with about half a dozen friends (Kevin, Bharat, Dave and Peter amongst others) and it was great to chat about things going on in the world of work again. In the end I left Hursley after a couple of hours, and drove home on a real high.

However, once home I felt really tired; a quick nap after lunch turned into the entire afternoon asleep. Which came as a bit of a shock – I’m obviously still not as fit as I think I am.

I’ve also started my fledgling exercise programme. After receiving the all clear from my consultant to do whatever exercise I felt comfortable with, I’ve been trying to get out on my mountain bike again, while the weather seems to have been trying to prevent me. But this week we’ve been blessed with fair weather, so I’ve finally been able to get back in the saddle again. And it’s nearly killed me. My first ride: 1 mile. Result? Knackered.

But I managed 2 miles on the second ride, and just over 3 miles on the ride after that. I’m clearly not ready for the Tour de France yet, as I’m exhausted at the end of each ride, but I can see the marked improvement, and it feels great to be riding again, even if I’m only doing those miles on smooth roads rather than down nice country bridleways. Hopefully once I’ve managed to build up enough stamina to manage more reasonable distances then I’ll see about venturing further away from civilisation.

4 thoughts on “Half-term hiatus

  1. Richard, it is great to hear that you are recovering – 3 miles is a lot for any keyboard jockey (!), and so I wish you 5 miles by the middle of the month (which will exceed my capability and so I will not have to offer to join you 🙂

    Keep up the recovery – all the best to you and your supportive family

    Kind regards – as always – TJ

    • Even for us keyboard jockeys, 3 miles isn’t really that far on a bike! And to be honest, it’s keyboard jockeys like us that need to make sure we’re doing enough exercise – I’m planning to build up to about 10 miles, which will allow me to get round some nice circuits on some pretty little country bridleways – no doubt while trying to keep up with the kids!
      Having said that, I also know a nice little route which runs down to the sea, and along the coast to towards Gosport before turning back home again. It can’t be more than about 5 or 6 miles, and we’ve some spare bikes, so if you’re ever down this way on a fine day, we’ll give it a whirl 🙂

    • I looked in, but didn’t see you there. I’ve a couple of other things that would be good to sort out with you at some point, so I’ll plan to come in and meet up in the next couple of weeks. I’ll give you a call to sort out a date that works.

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