Update on cycle three

So far, it’s working out bearably. Similar symptoms to the last two times, but the degree of each is varied.

  • The pain in the arm where the IV was administered is fine … getting better already, as with cycle 2. I think we have cracked the delivery mechanism.
  • The nausea is worse.
  • The peripheral neuropathy is much worse.
  • The hicoughs are back – *sigh*
  • The tiredness is about the same
  • The feet and hands thing (dry cracked skin, ulceration etc) is still mild enough to mitigate with good moisturisers
  • Everything tastes of metal again – food and drink. No worse than the other cycles though.
  • The ileostomy output is raised, but not enough to cause concern yet
  • I’ve noticed that my hair isn’t growing as quickly, though it’s not falling out either – well not yet anyway.

So, on balance I’m still coping fine. But damn, the tablet counts are high again:

  • Breakfast: Aspirin (1), Perindopril (1), Dexamethosone (2), Granisetron (1), Codeine (1), Loperamide (2), Capecitabine (4), Metoclopramide (2)
  • Lunch: Dexamethosone (2), Loperamide (2), Codeine (1), Metoclopramide (1)
  • Tea: Loperamide (2), Codeine (1), Metoclopramide (1), Capecitabine (4)
  • Bed: Loperamide (2), Codine (1)
  • Grand total: 31 tablets. Shake me, and I rattle 🙂

Still, at least I’m over a third of the way there now.

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