Things are on the up?

Yesterday was a very bad day indeed. I woke up feeling ill, and that feeling just got steadily worse through the morning until I had to give up and go back to bed again. I’m not even sure I know what the problem was, but I suspect a combination of tiredness, dehydration and the heat of what turned out to be a gloriously sunny day finally caught up with me. In the end, the cause made no difference – the result was the same. I was only out of bed long enough to take my medicines and eat breakfast, lunch and tea. Which for me is nothing short of staggering. I’m typically a night owl, and happily get by on 5 or 6 hours sleep a night. Whereas yesterday I got by on only 5 or 6 hours of wakefulness.

Fortunately, today was a lot better. I woke up early (hard not to after so much sleep!) had breakfast, decided I was feeling much better, and tried to decide whether I was going to try to do something special with the day or not. In the end the decision was taken from me, as my new Acer Aspire One (the second I’ve bought) turned up before I’d managed to make any decision. And so I suddenly had a task to achieve – to get it set up for my daughter. Since I needed to add more memory to it, this involved a trip to the local computer hardware store in Fareham, the disassembly and reassembly of the machine (to fit the memory), and the installation of both Windows XP and Ubuntu UNR on it, plus some configuration to make it play nicely on our home network. Quite enough for one days efforts.

It’s not clear if having a target for the day made any difference or not, but apart from feeling incredibly thirsty all day, I’ve felt fine, kept busy, and achieved some stuff. I’ve also drunk my way through 2 litres of bottled water, plus some tea and coffee (so far) and would really fancy a pint of bitter about now, if only I didn’t know for certain that it would have repercussions later.

Meanwhile my various other side-effects seem to have sunk into relative obscurity; the only thing that niggled at me (that I particularly remember anyway) was a touch of the peripheral neuropathy which caught me by surprise while I was trying to fight the ground coffee back into the freezer again.

So, after the last few days I declare today to be a massive success, and if it holds until tomorrow then I’m going to plan on going for another cycle ride and work on building some more stamina.

2 thoughts on “Things are on the up?

  1. Hi Richard – of course I don’t know whether your feeling awful symptoms are the same as my feeling awful symptoms were. For me it was definitely caused by dehydration. I mentioned earlier that I was strongly recommended to drink at least 2 bottles of Lucozade Sport a day. I found that in fact I needed 3, and initially the times I tried to reduce this to 2 left me feeling unwell. That’s why I am fairly sure that the symptoms were linked to dehydration. Towards the end of my Ileostomy period I did successfully reduce to 2 bottles a day and I think this was possible because my stoma became a bit less active over time.

    You mentioned the taste. Agreed – the first couple of times I tried it I didn’t like it, but I found that surprisingly quickly I got to actually like the stuff, and truly found it very refreshing. The top shelf of our fridge was dedicated to my Lucozade Sport. (A rather trivial example of how the family is impacted, not just the patient.)

    • I’m pretty sure that I was dehydrated, and that that was causing the problems.
      I’ve noticed that after having gone for a cycle ride today (my oncologist wants me to start doing some exercise to build up my stamina) I was starting to feel the same way again, and was also feeling extremely thirsty.
      Getting home and drinking several glasses of water has completely transformed how I feel, which goes to show that (a) I need to carry water with me on the bike, and (b) the warmer weather can make a surprising difference in how quickly I dehydrate, especially when doing a little exercise.

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