I’ve been “googled” – twice!

I’m trying to gently increase my level of fitness after my operation, and one of the chosen weapons is my bicycle. I’m sticking to mostly circuits of the local roads, generally only looking to spend 30 minutes or so in the saddle at a time. Given this is on a mountain bike with big chunky tyres, that limits my distances to 3 or 4 miles or so at the moment, which is enough to gently raise the heart rate rather than anything more serious – Lance Armstrong I am not 🙂

Anyway, today I decided to venture a little further afield (literally) and head over some common land and down some unmade lanes that run parallel to the sea. To get there took me through a small housing estate, where (to my surprise) I met the Google Streetview mapping car, who was obviously doing the local area. So I cycled on, wondering if at some point I’ll show up on their imagery, completed my ride, put the bike away, and walked into my study, only to see the same Google Streetview car turning around in front of my house.

So at this rate you could see me once on my bike, pedalling off for a nice ride, and once again, in my study, staring out at the cameras. I wonder how long it takes them to get the data online?

2 thoughts on “I’ve been “googled” – twice!

    • I’ll keep an eye on Streetview and see if I appear. I’m not sure I want to draw even more attention to my cycling-garb though – as I mentioned once before, I’m no Lance Armstrong, and I certainly don’t have his physique!

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