Positive side-effect of treatment – reprise

Yesterday my eldest daughters were taking part in their dance club’s annual show. This is a 3 hour extravaganza where all the kids get to show off what they’ve learned, from the little ones who are only 4 or 5 years old, and just starting, through to the young women who are getting ready to head off to college (often stage school).

The show itself covers everything from tap, modern and jazz through to the ballet that my two do. And it’s held in the public eye, at the local town theatre with professional choreography, lighting and music. It must be quite intimidating for the younger kids to get up on a proper stage in front of an audience of several hundred people, and perform their pieces. And so they all spend a lot of time learning their dances, and rehearsing like mad.

Which brings me to the point of this post. The show was yesterday evening, but the final dress rehearsal was early yesterday afternoon, which meant that the rest of the family got to spend a couple of hours in town, with not a huge amount to do. So we did quite a lot of window-shopping. Which is not normally my favourite occupation.

Except I happened to notice a nice looking jacket, and felt compelled to try it on. So I hooked out my size from the rail and tried it on, only to see it literally hanging off me. In the end I needed to drop 2 sizes to get it to fit. At which point it did fit very well indeed. Which hammered home to me just how much weight I’ve lost recently.

In the end, since I’m probably going to lose some more weight yet, I decided not to buy the jacket. But when we got home I went for a rummage through my older clothes.

  • My most recent suit is now probably two sizes too big for me.
  • My next most recent suit (relegated to the back of the cupboard as “too small”) is probably still a size too big for me now.
  • My jazzy old waistcoats now fit beautifully, as do some of my older shirts.
  • My oldest suit (three-sizes smaller than my newest) is just a little tight across the shoulders. But only just. A few more kilos off should see me back into it.

The only problem is with the trousers. Although I’ve clearly lost at least a couple of sizes off my waist (4 inches or so), the location of my ileostomy is such that it’s right where the trouser belt sits. Which easily adds a size to my waist, if not more. So the new slimmer, trimmer me has a way to go to get back into those older suit trousers … and that way involves some more surgery as well as probably some more weight loss.

Of course, there is a grey cloud surrounding this silver lining. If I keep on losing weight at this rate, I’m going to need to invest in some new clothes before I return to work. Yikes. Still, the good news is that my wife approves so much of the new slimmer me, that I get an automatic approval for new clothes, provided I keep the weight off 🙂

Oh yes. And the dance show was a great success too, with J & A dancing some really complicated parts, and (for the first time) being lifted. I was impressed and proud!

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