Contact lens update

One week in, and I’ve been wearing the multifocal contact lenses most of the time I’ve been awake (see previous posts). Today has been the first day that I didn’t wear them, and that was simply that in the mad rush of the start of the day, I forgot to put them in, and once I’d remembered, it was too late to go back home to get them!

Overall I have very mixed feelings about the lenses. The close-to vision correction is absolutely superb, but the distance correction just isn’t as good as I’m used to with my current glasses. And, sadly, it gets worse when I’m tired. However, the convenience is excellent. I pop them in in the morning, and take them out before going back to bed at night, and between times I forget about them.

On talking to a friend who is “in the industry” it turns out that the distance correction with these lenses is never as good as you get with either glasses, or normal contact lenses. It also turns out that people like me, with short-sight, are especially difficult to please as we are used to having our vision corrected to significantly better than 20/20 by the opticians. Certainly when I compared my distance vision through the lenses to my wifes vision (she has long-sight) there was little difference. However, it was still definitely less good than I was used to with my glasses. So there may be an expectation setting exercise involved in this too.

But the bottom line at the moment has me wondering if the optician can tweak them a little to give me just a little bit more distance vision clarity. If so, I’m probably sold on them. If not then I wonder what we can do with one distance and one close-to lens?

Still, I have another week to go yet. Let’s see where I am with them by Saturday of next week.

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