Contact lens update

Today my fortnight trial with these new multifocal contact lenses finished, and I went back to the optician to discuss my experiences.
My view to date (ho ho!) is that the close-vision is absolutely superb, but the middle-far vision is slightly blurred compared to my normal spectacle-vision. It’s also worse at night and when I’m tired.

Talking to the optician, it transpires that this is not unusual. As I’ve mentioned before, as a short-sighted person I’m used to having my vision corrected to well beyond 20/20, and these lenses are a compromise solution that just can’t compete with that. However, maintaining my “better than 20/20” vision is going to require that I have at least 3 pairs of spectacles to hand, which is not terribly practical. Whereas these contact lenses have the practicality side of the equation completely nailed down – put them in and forget them.

Anyway, the optician gave me a complete test again (this time with the contact lenses in place) and tried to see if he could improve the vision slightly with any changes to the prescription. It turns out that he can’t. What I have is currently the best that contact lenses have to offer for someone with my vision defects.

However, there are some further options for me to try out before making any decisions. So, to that end I’m going to also get some standard “mono-vision” contact lens to trial. One will be a distance lens, and the other will be a reading lens. I then get to try out those together (one in each eye) to see how well that works for me, and assuming no spectacular “road to Damascus” revelation in terms of clarity of vision, then to try out the mono-vision distance-lens with one of my varifocals. It will be interesting to see how each of these options works in practice. The optician’s going to post the mono-vision lens to me later in the week, so more news on that when it happens.

My feeling at the moment though is that if we can’t get a significant improvement in the distance vision with the varifocals by some combination of the above approaches then I’ll probably choose to accept the degraded distance-vision and stick with the varifocals, at least for a longer trial period (say the next year or so) purely because the convenience is just so good.

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