Putting the “Va Va Vroom!” back into life

My toy car got a further injection of work this afternoon when an old friend popped by to give me a hand modifying the brackets on the axle to make sure that they could no longer bind on the strut mountings. The end result from the driving perspective will be minimal – perhaps a slightly better ride over particularly poor road surfaces, but given that I tend to avoid those anyway (the suspension is set up for smooth roads and race tracks) I don’t see this mattering much.

It will however, stop the axle eventually damaging the struts, which apart from being a generally good idea at the best of times, also means that the nice man at the MOT station will be a lot happier with the rear suspension, and is therefore much more likely to give me the piece of paper I need to get the car taxed and back on the road again.

There are (as always with kits like this) a lot more things that need doing or checking, but most now need the car back on the road before I can progress them. For example; the speedometer had to be replaced with a new electronic one, and I’ve made up the mountings for the magnetic pick-ups and mounted the magnets on the propshaft. It currently works really well at the up to 5mph I can achieve on the drive, but I’m concerned at how well the magnets will remain attached to the propshaft when it’s operating at higher revs. Time will tell on that one, but if it doesn’t work out then the next attempt will be to introduce a slotted plate between the propshaft and the differential, and use a reluctor pick-up instead. More expense, and potentially another complete strip-down of the interior to get access, which would be annoying to say the least.

However, the next priority job is to get the car onto a rolling road, get the 3D ignition remapped, and re-jet the carburettors. The car is definitely running lean at low revs, and rich at high revs, and the response to a snap opening of the throttles is very “fluffy” which means the accelerator jets are out too. Finding a good rolling road operator who can cope with mapped ignition and carburettors at the same time is getting difficult, but apparently there is a good one over at Thruxton who is worth trying.

But first I need to get it insured, MOT’d and taxed though. That should keep me busy for the rest of the month.

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