Update on cycle 5

It turns out that the hand that they put the cannula into is not only tender and painful, but is also swollen. I can tell this because my normally loose (since losing all this weight) wedding ring is now impossible to remove. After a day and a half I’d have hoped that this would be better than it is by now. I think I need to be a little more “proactive” at my next IV session about ensuring that we put all the piggy-back glucose into me, and getting my heat pads no matter how busy the nurses are. It seems to make all the difference between a good and bad outcome.

I also spoke too soon about the lack of hiccoughs. I started hiccoughing around 11pm last night, and finally gave up and went to bed (still hiccoughing) at 3:30am. Woke up to more hiccoughs at 6am, got back to sleep and finally woke up at 9am hiccough-free; for now, anyway. Lets hope this isn’t going to be like cycle 2/3 where I had a series of extended attacks of hiccoughs all through the night. I’m already tired enough as it is without losing sleep too.

The peripheral neuropathy is also much worse this cycle. I have mild effects from it all the time now, irrespective of whether my hands and throat are cold or not, though the cold does exacerbate the symptoms considerably. Drinking a cold drink from the fridge now feels like I’m trying to drink something like a slush-puppie (for those who remember such things!). My fingers have a faint tingling sensation all the time, with a more unpleasant pins and needles type effect when they get mildly cold (such as washing under insufficiently warm water), and positively painful when they get colder, for example from delving into the fridge or freezer.

Still, I’m over half way through the chemotherapy now, and by the end of the year my whole treatment plan will be complete, at which point I will simply have regular check-ups to deal with. Bring it on!

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