Contact lens update (part ii)

Today seemed like a good day to try out my newly arrived mono-vision trial contact lenses. It appears that the optician takes my “normal” distance prescription, and then applies the presbyopia, or reading component to the lens for my non-dominant (left, in my case) eye. My dominant (right) eye gets full-on distance correction, but no reading component at all. The result of this is that I can see distance perfectly through my dominant eye, which is great for driving, but I have no close-work correction in that eye at all. My non-dominant eye has perfect reading correction, and in my case, about 75% distance correction too. Good enough to drive with just that in an emergency for example.

My brain then gets to sort out the scene from the resulting visual inputs.

So far after an hour I can honestly say that the effect for distance is better than the significantly more expensive multifocal torics that I was trialing earlier. The correction is just infinitely better, with very little sign of blurring at all. The resolution of small detail at distance still isn’t quite as good as with glasses (a result of the non-dominant compromise lens I guess) but for most of what I wear my contact lenses for, this is an improvement over the multifocals.

Middle-distance working here on the computer is also fine, though there is a slightly “otherworldly” feel to the view of the screen which I’m assuming is probably the result of my brain still compensating for the new prescriptions. If it settles down (or I get used to it) I suspect it will be perfectly satisfactory.

Sadly, the really close-vision work with small type-faces is not as good as the multifocals. The vision through those was simply spectacular, whereas with the single vision lens (at the moment) I still seem to have some blurring. However it’s extremely early days yet – with only an hour for me to get used to the new prescription, and the close-vision change being the most dramatic, this is what I’d probably have expected. It will be interesting to see how I’ve adapted in another couple or hours, and then again in another couple of days.

At the moment I’m sufficiently impressed with this set-up that I’m going to stick with them for a few days, and see how they work out, particularly when driving at night. If the close vision improves even moderately then I think for my current needs this set-up could be better for me than the multifocals, which is both interesting and wallet-friendly.

If not then it will be interesting to work out what to trial next. If, as I suspect, the close-vision is the problem with the mono-vision lenses, then I think the next best option ought to be be to try a mono-vision distance lens in my non-dominant eye, with the varifocal in my dominant eye. Unfortunately however, I don’t have the right lenses for that. My options are (a) to put the compromised “reader lens” in my non-dominant eye, and the varifocal in my dominant eye – which would give me poor distance vision in both eyes again, or (b) go for the distance lens in my dominant eye, and the varifocal in my non-dominant eye, which I suspect may tighten up my distance vision a little more, but make no difference to my close-work. Interesting choices.

I wonder if this could end up with my needing to get yet another trial contact lens to test out a “reading-compromised” mono-vision lens in my dominant eye, with a varifocal in my non-dominant? Or, could it simply mean that I’m just too fussy and need to go for proper mono-vision distance correction, and carry a set of reading glasses too?

Decisions, decisions! 🙂

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