Update on cycle 5 (part iv)

I’m nearing the end of the drug-taking part of cycle 5, with only a day to go before I have my “resting” week. Almost all my side-effects have gone now.

The sensitivity and pain in my arm has faded dramatically. There is still pain around the injection point, and although it’s not as bad as it was, it’s still painful. This has been as bad as any of the previous cycles, and something I’m going to have to mention to the oncologist. I really don’t want to have a PICC line put in, so it’s going to be a balancing act between the side-effects of keeping going as we are and the unpleasantness of going for the PICC line. At the moment neither seem ideal.

The peripheral neuropathy has now faded to the point where I only notice it if my fingers get noticably cold, which is largely avoidable, and easily bearable for the times that it’s not.

The hiccoughs have not returned after their initial showing early in the cycle. Hooray!

The metallic taste to everything has slowly faded away over the last week, so food is now more interesting again.

The tiredness has been worse than at any time previous to this, and seems to be continuing unabated. I’m permanently tired, and sleeping far more than I would have believed possible. I suspect this is something that I’m just going to have to get used to, as it’s likely to get worse over the remaining cycles, not better.

Finally, by being much more fussy about what I eat and what I avoid, I seem to have been able to manage my ileostomy much better this cycle. By heavily restricting my diet (helped in large part by my not particularly wanting to eat much, thanks to everything tasting metallic) I seem to have managed to keep my ileostomy output much lower. It has however, made preparing and eating food with others that much more difficult, as there are so many things that I need to avoid. Thank goodness I won’t have to continue like this for the rest of my life.

2 thoughts on “Update on cycle 5 (part iv)

  1. Hi Richard- Just got an out of office reply from you with this blog listed and wanted to wish you a speed recovery. Take care.

    • Hi Kari, thanks for the good wishes, and good to hear from you again after what, a year? Doesn’t the time pass quickly? Hoping all is going well for you & the TLT programme!

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