Ready to start cycle 6?

Errr … maybe.

Today I failed the blood tests that determine if I’m healthy enough to cope with the next cycle of chemotherapy. My white blood cell count is marginally too low, which indicates that I’ve not fully recovered from the last cycle yet.

Since its marginal the doctors want me to turn up to hospital tomorrow anyway, and they’ll rerun the blood tests in the hope that I’ve recovered enough overnight to pass the test, and then have the next IV infusion.

The irritating thing about this is that it meant an unnecessary trip to the hospital today (to fail the blood test), and possibly another unnecessary trip tomorrow (if I fail it again), or at best a much longer time spent in the hospital than I’d been expecting, as it will take them a couple of hours minimum to rerun the blood work, on top of the three to four hours taken to run the infusion into me.

Which is all rather frustrating.

Update: Had a second bloodtest this morning, which was a borderline pass. Since the trend is upwards and I’m now over the threshold the hospital went ahead with the IV. I’m officially on cycle 6 of 8 now, which is three-quarters of the way there. Really, really looking forward to the end of this; each cycle gets harder to cope with. Feeling pretty dreadful right now, will post an update once I’m feeling a bit better.


2 thoughts on “Ready to start cycle 6?

  1. This happened to J. last week. They sent her home and she came back a week later, this time with enough “platelets”. Similarly to you, she is finding it tougher each time. She is on cycle 4 of 8. I think we were warned this would be the case.

    • Yes, I was warned about it too, but since I didn’t seem to be having any cumulative affects during the first few cycles I pushed that to the back of my mind and just forgot about it. Seems like either it’s just taken a little longer to catch up with me, or maybe I just have the constitution of an ox 🙂
      Still, given the rate of improvement (I went from 1.4 to 1.6 overnight) after already having a week of recovery, I’m assuming that they must completely hammer our immune systems during the actual treatment.
      When my wife went through breast cancer last year she experienced exactly the same thing, with a borderline fail one day, and a borderline pass the next, so I don’t think it’s unusual. Apparently in the more serious cases they move on to giving you blood ntransfusions too, which really doesn’t sound fun.
      Still, good to hear from you, and hope all is going well with you and J. Keep in touch.

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