Weight loss

Back in early March I was weighed as part of the pre-clerking process for my cancer operation. 108Kgs. Extremely overweight for my height, and largely responsible for my high blood pressure, incessant snoring and poor sleep regime. Possibly also a contributory factor in my getting the cancer too 😦

Yesterday I weighed myself. 87Kgs. I’m still overweight, but it’s a huge improvement.

I’ve lost 21Kgs (46lbs), or 20% of my original body weight.

I now have a waist again, my blood pressure is significantly reduced, and I no longer snore. It’s hard to tell if my sleep patterns are improved at the moment since I’m somewhat stressed and my chemotherapy has me permanently exhausted, but I’m hopeful that when I complete my treatments, I’ll regularly be getting a better nights sleep too.

My long term goal is to lose around 5kg more, which will bring me down to 82Kg or so. I’m not a naturally slim build, but I figure I can do myself a world of good by managing my weight more carefully. The only concern I have at the moment is whether or not I’ll put some of the weight back on when I come off the chemotherapy drugs.

But at the end of the day, it’s in my own best interests to ensure I do not.

3 thoughts on “Weight loss

  1. “Possibly also a contributory factor in my getting the cancer too”.
    No. I do not think so. And I’m not even going to google it. Lots of other good reasons to lose some weight, which you refer to, but cancer avoidance is not on the list. What you have done here momentarily, may I respectfully point out, is slip into the “I must be to blame in some way” mentality. Which I am stamping on, jumping up and down on it and then throwing it out of the window, while saying “RIGHT! we’ll hear no more of that, thank you very much”.

    • Well, I can point you at some trustworthy medical references, but at the same time I’ll definitely agree that any contribution from being overweight towards getting the cancer will have been very minor indeed.

      At the end of the day I (like everyone else that gets bowel cancer) was to a very large extent just plain unlucky. But that’s the way the cookie crumbled, and to counter that I’ve also been extraordinarily lucky with being diagnosed early, having fantastic support from family, friends and work, and having received superb medical treatment that is helping me to steadily get better.

      Mind you, I must admit that the reduction in my blood pressure since losing the weight has been simply amazing; it’s going to be well worth keeping the weight off for that benefit alone 🙂

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