Siemens S685IP update

Having been running these phones for a few months now, I made a fresh discovery the other day. The handsets have bluetooth support built into them. This appears to have two main benefits:

  • Firstly, it could allow you to synchronise the handsets phone directory using a computer to handset bluetooth connection. This is of little interest to me, as I discovered (in this post) that its possible to synchronise each handsets directory using the base station’s web interface, and an appropriately formatted text file of VCARD entries.
  • And secondly, and of much more interest to me, you can associate a bluetooth earpiece to the handset. Now, of itself this doesn’t sound like terribly exciting technology. After all, you could do this with a mobile phone years ago. But being able to do it with my home phone handset is rather novel, and given the number of times I find myself on fairly long conference calls where using a mobile phone is expensive, and I need to type on a keyboard, or want to go make a cup of tea, or just stretch my legs, this facility is proving to be a real boon.

It means that on those interminably long conference calls, rather than sitting with the handset held to my ear, or being attached to the handset by a corded earpiece, I can simply use my mobile phone’s bluetooth earpiece instead. Combined with the beltclip on the Siemens handset, this gives me complete hands-free freedom on my home phone system. I can walk around within about a 10m range of the handset itself, or clip the handset to my belt and wander up and down the street while talking on my bluetooth earpiece, and keeping my hands completely free for other tasks. It’s marvellous.

So score one for the Siemens handset designers. I guess it cost a bit more to squeeze the function in (these are not cheap handsets) but the usability is superb.

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