Second follow up meeting with surgeon

This evening I had my second follow-up meeting with my surgeon. I had another full physical examination, which although rather uncomfortable, went fine. The surgeon is basically pleased with my progress, and wanted to know about my physical recovery, in terms of exercise and stamina. Although I’m currently somewhat limited by my chemotherapy, he’s happy with my ability to comfortably walk or cycle a few miles without problem.

The next stage of my treatment plan is for me to undergo an x-ray examination to check that my colon has healed properly where the surgeon removed my tumour & rejoined my colon. This needs my immune system to be fully functional, so they won’t undertake that until a month after the end of my chemotherapy. Assuming all is OK we can then schedule the reversal of my ileostomy immediately after that test. My chemotherapy ends in the first week of October, so the plan is to schedule the x-ray test for the last week of October, and then carry out the reversal operation in mid-November. The surgeon will also fix my hernia at the same time as reversing the ileostomy. That should involve a few nights in hospital, and will leave me with an open wound which will require regular redressing for the first week or so while it heals. I should then be able to come off most of my medication, which will finally allow me to start back into work either just before or just after the Christmas period. Hooray!

I’ll then need a full-body CT scan in January to check that there has been no spread of the cancer, followed by a colonoscopy examination to ensure that there is no localised reoccurance of the cancer. This will be repeated annually for the next several years to ensure that I do remain cancer free, and that if there is any reoccurance, that it is detected early and treated immediately.

So, the end of my treatment is (at last!) in sight.


2 thoughts on “Second follow up meeting with surgeon

  1. Good to hear the end of your treatment is in sight and looking forward to seeing you back at work. Thanks again for your regular and very open blogging, I’m sure you are helping many others as well as keeping your colleagues and friends up to date.

    • You do get quite a lot of information about the treatment when you are diagnosed, but it tends to be quite clinical & impersonal, and isn’t the same as hearing from people who’ve actually gone through it. I was lucky that colleagues shared their personal experiences with me, which helped me enormously – I’m hoping that this will be useful to others in that same way, as well as just keeping everyone I know up to date on my progress.
      Look forward to seeing you soon.

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